Library Panda Power Hours

Panda Power Hours in the Library are Open! (Most days)

The Pershing Library is now open for extended hours most days before and after school. During these “Panda Power Hours” in the library students may visit the library in the mornings before school starting at 7:30am and/or after school until 4:30pm.

Cancellations are occasionally necessary and these are announced in advance whenever possible. Students should always listen to morning announcements at school for these occasional changes to the Panda Power Hours schedule.

Students coming to the library before school do not need a pass if they enter through the library’s side door, located on the glass wall that faces west, or Stella Link Boulevard. However, capacity is limited and students are admitted on a first come, first served basis. We cannot always admit every student.

During Panda Power Hours students can use the library for reading and homework or they can play board games, use the computers, and spend time with friends. Students who love to tinker can enjoy the library’s Maker space activities such as legos, circuit sets, origami, and other fun kits that indulge their inner builder.

The library is not yet open for Panda Power Hours during lunch periods.

Panda Power Hours Schedule

Daily, Before School, Starting at 7:30am

– Before school students must enter through the library’s side door, which is located on the glass wall that faces west, or Stella Link Boulevard.

Monday through Thursday,

After School, 3:45pm to 4:30pm (The library is not open late on Fridays.)

Panda Power Hours are very popular with students and are only possible with help from parent volunteers. We need more volunteers to keep these extended hours available. Please email Rahilla Shatto at to learn more!

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