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Incoming 6th Grade Tips!



  1. SCHOOL TIMES: School hours are 8:30 to 3:50. Sixth grade students meet in the cafeteria starting at 7:45 until the first bell rings at 8:20. Sixth graders can wait in the cafeteria in the morning prior to school start time and report to the first period of the day by the 8:30 bell. All students are dismissed at 3:50 and for liability reasons, students may not remain on the school grounds beyond 4:00 unless with a teacher or club sponsor. Students are on their own to make their way home, get picked up or attend a prearranged after school program.  For details, visit the school website at and view the Bell Schedule.
  1. DROP OFF AND PICK UP: Students can be dropped off in the carpool line on Braes Blvd prior to school start time and picked up in the same location after school. Lines for pick up form on Braes and Bellefontaine. You can either drop off/pick up or your students can walk to school/home from school or meet after school at an established designated spot.
  1. LUNCH: Lunch lines tend to be long during the first week of school and students are encouraged to bring lunch to avoid long lines during the first week. When bringing lunch, paper sacks are suggested, as they are disposable. Students pay for lunch with cash OR school-issued lunch cards which can be prepaid in advance. HISD Food Services Parents Online, an online meal payment system, is available for your student’s school meal purchases. You can conveniently prepay for meals using a credit card and avoid the hassles that can occur with cash handling. Register an account for your child today at Please note that there is a five percent convenience fee per transaction. All 6th graders will sit in their designated 6th grade only section of the cafeteria.
  1. DRESS CODE: All 6th grade students will wear grey shirts/sweatshirts. The PTO Store sells Pershing shirts, but plain light grey shirts (no writing) are acceptable. All students are required to wear their ID badges each day. They will receive their badges on the first day of school. Undershirts are allowed but need to be solid white. Leggings may be either solid black or solid white. All students must wear khaki pants, skirts, or shorts.  Girls have a plaid skirt option. On Fridays, students may wear their club/team shirts. Cell phones must remain in the locker and cannot be used during school.
  1. SCHOOL SUPPLIES: The school store will be open M-F from 8-8:30a and 12-2:20p Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Teachers will send class-specific supply lists home with their students during the first week of school. On the first day of school, students should come prepared with their locks, pencil/pen, paper, and a binder or folder for hand-outs. Backpacks can be brought to school, but they cannot be taken into the classrooms. Backpacks are placed in the locker before first period.
  1. SCHEDULES: Student schedules will be handed out to students at Panda Camp. You may submit a schedule change form to our counselor: Mr. Parker . Submitting a schedule change request does not always guarantee a change will be made.
  1. INFORMATION: Pershing school information is distributed to the entire school every week through the Panda Post Newsletter, sponsored by the Pershing PTO. You will receive information in your welcome packet asking for PTO membership/directory information, which will automatically register you to receive the Panda Post. Class- or grade-specific information or timely school information will be sent home directly with your student.
  1. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Pershing Club Mid After-School Program is a YMCA program that is run in collaboration with Pershing Middle School. It is held at Pershing Middle School every HISD school day from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. Facility or Student Membership is required. Participants choose from a variety of classes each month such as cooking, arts and crafts, sports, Youth and Government, Funday Fridays, etc. For more information, contact the school office.
  1. HOW TO GET INVOLVED AT PERSHING: Look for a welcome packet at the first week of school detailing what you need to do to be involved with the PTO and Pershing. Pershing has a very active community and your involvement is welcomed in any way. You can also view opportunities on our PTO website (
  1. PERSHING ON THE WEB: The Pershing school website is The Pershing PTO website is Both are full of valuable information pertaining to school activities, both school- and PTO-sponsored.

The school counselors (responsible for schedules):

Mr. Sherman Parker,

Ms. Amy Ford, 6th grade Assistant Principal,


  • After the first couple of days of school, most teachers/classes will send a list of supplies that will be needed for the classroom.
  • Most parents don’t walk their kids to the classroom on the first day, so it is a good idea to have a friend with whom your child can meet before school and walk to class.
  • Buy double locks that have the same combination. Your students will need a lock for their academic locker and they will keep this locker all year long. The locker will be assigned the first day of school. Once they start changing for PE (which probably won’t be the first week), they will need a temporary lock for the gym locker. They use this locker only when they are in gym class and then take their gym clothes and put them back in their academic locker. It’s good to have the double locks so they don’t have to remember more than one combination.
  • Have your child practice unlocking their lock several times before school starts.


  • Join the PTO (! The money that you spend to join the PTO directly benefits your children in the classroom. Join at whatever level you can afford. The more money we earn as a PTO, the better off we are as a school.
  • Register for the weekly PTO newsletter- The Panda Post- to receive important information (
  • Please remember to get VIPS approved if you are going to volunteer at the school. It is a good idea to re-register every year. The website is: