8th Grade Fundraiser

Your child’s 8th grade class needs HELP!!
Please bring snack donations for the last fundraiser for the fall.  All the money raised goes towards ALL of the 8th Grade end of the year celebrations and events.  We need a large amount, SUPER large amount of candy and snack donations.  This next event is one of the largest for the school year.  It is an all grade level opportunity to attend.  The kids love it and the teachers have a blast.  Kids are hungry and they have a great time being together during class periods.

Please bring DONATIONS!! We need them.

8th Grade’s  Annual “Teachers vs. Students” Volleyball Game

ALL grade levels can be apart of the 8th grade fundraising for their Class of 2020!
Buy your ticket to attend Wednesday – Friday,
December 4th, 5th and 6th
Tickets: $5

Game information…
When:  Friday, December 6th
During: 6th and 7th periods
Snacks will be sold during the game