Mrs. Fogarty

On Tuesday, 11/19/19 Mrs. Fogarty became aware during school that her home was on fire and she immediately worried for her home and her pets.  Sadly, she lost most of the contents of her home and her beloved pets.  This kind and generous teacher and UIL coach is now in need of re-establishing a home with her husband and daughter.  Please give in any way that feels important to you.  Various Pershing clubs and teachers have shared ways to give.  The Pershing Facebook page made everyone aware of the option of bringing in Gift Cards or cash to Mrs. Garner to collect for Mrs. Fogarty.  The PTO red box by the attendance office can be used to collect gift cards for Mrs. Fogarty as well.  There will be an Amazon share site in order to select items from the Fogarty’s list (similar to a gift registry).  The GoFundMe is an excellent way to share her need with others and to get funds directly into her account for her family to use however they most need.

If you are able, please consider giving!