Become a Library Volunteer!

Thanks to parent volunteers, the PTO is proud to offer Pershing students an extra hour of library access most mornings before school. These “Panda Power Hours” are free time for students to use Pershing’s spacious and beautiful library.

Become a library volunteer! It’s a terrific way to get involved and participate in your middle school, and we depend on a large group of volunteers guarantee this extra library access every day

For complete details go here. The Fall 2018 start date will be announced as soon as possible.

To become a library volunteer use the

Panda PowerHoursSignUpGenius page to provide information about your availability. You will be contacted about being assigned to a volunteer shift and about attending a short training session.

Also, make sure you are VIPS approved. Complete the online form and then present your ID at the Pershing front office. VIPS approvals must be completed every year and at every campus where you volunteer.

If you have questions, be sure to check out this page on the PTO website or contact Rahilla Shatto at

Panda Power Hours will not begin until this year’s volunteers are scheduled. The start date is to be determined and will be announced in Panda Post, on the PTO website, and during Morning Announcements at the school.

(Note: In addition to the parent-led Panda Power Hours before school, there is a free after-school program in the library hosted and staffed by the City of Houston.)