Library Panda Power Hour


The Pershing Library is open to students before school every day starting at 7:30am (Panda Power Hour). Students who attend Panda Power Hour can use the library to read and do homework or they can play board games and spend time with friends. Students who love to tinker can enjoy the legos, circuit sets, origami, and other kits that indulge their inner builder.

To enter the library students must request a Panda Power Hour pass when they arrive on campus in the morning. Sixth graders should obtain passes in the school cafeteria. Seventh and eighth graders can request passes at the school’s front door. Capacity is limited and students are admitted on a first come, first served basis.

In the rare event that Panda Power Hour must be cancelled, we try to notify students in the morning announcements at school.

Panda Power Hour is made possible by parent volunteers. To volunteer in the library contact Rahilla Shatto at rahilla.shatto@gmail.com.

(Please note that the library is also open to students after school, thanks to an after-school program provided by the City of Houston.)