Pershing UIL Academic Team Racks Up More Awards!

Pershing UIL Academic Team Racks Up More Awards!

On Saturday, May 6 we competed at our final meet of the academic year. Once again our club members brought home many victories.


Our 6th grade team we won 16 victories across 9 categories.

In Calculator Apps:   Ladi Otun placed 5th; Brandon Sun placed 3rd.

In Dictionary Skills:   Claire Assad placed 5th; Ladi Otun placed 4th.

In Listening:               Ladi Otun placed 6th, & Taryn Morris placed 5th.

In Maps, Graphs, & Charts:  Ava Gami placed 2nd; Taryn Morris placed 1st.

In Mathematics:        Ava Gami placed 5th.

In Numbers Sense:   Ava Gami placed 4th; Ladi Otun placed 3rd.

In Oral Reading:        Taryn Morris placed 4th.

In Science:                  Brandon Sun placd 4th; Angie Pascali placed 1st.

In Spelling:                 Claire Assad placed 5th; Ava Gami placed 3rd.


Our 7th grade student won 2 awards.

In Listening:               David Dzul placed 4th.

In Music Memory:     David Dzul placed 3rd.


Our 8th grade students won 3 awards.

Art:                              Mary Balthazar placed 1st.

In Impromptu:          Tajh Mason placed 6th.

In Listening:               Mary Balthazar placed 6th.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. Midyett for her continuous help in all UIL matters.

If you want to join next year or if you want to lead grade 6, please contact our UIL-Perhsing Liaison and coach, Candace TenBrink  Candace@CTenBrink.com.