New in 2018: Pershing Art Car

Attention Panda Parents: Next year we are creating an Art Car!
We will enter it in the Art Car Parade in 2018 and yes, it will be an educational and fun experience for the students!   We plan to include many students in the process, such as those involved in: art, robotics, and journalism/creative writing.
We are looking for a car, preferably white and in good working condition.  If anyone has a car that they would like to donate, please contact Dr. Shetzer or Dr. TenBrink.
If you have any special talents, such as lighting, hydraulics, or if you have helped create an art car before and can provide some pointers, or if you are willing to help, please contact Candace at Candace@CTenBrink.com.
Many thanks for support and enthusiasm,
Your Art Car Chairs: Candace TenBrink and Anne Lindsay.