• Student may only come during the time slot that corresponds to their last name.
  • Students will enter the building through the following entrances:
    • 6th Grade:  Stella Link doors located by 6th grade hallway
    • 7th Grade:  Courtyard doors located by 7th grade hallway
    • 8th Grade:  Main lobby entrance
  • Only the student is allowed in the building. Parents and siblings must wait in their vehicle.
  • All students are required to wear masks when in line and in the building.  Students who do not have a mask will not be able to enter the building.
  • Students must maintain social distancing (6-feet) at all times. No physical contact will be allowed (high-fives, handshakes, hugs, etc.)
  • Students will receive a trash bag for their locker contents.  Students are to clear out all belongings from their locker and place in the trash bag.  All contents will be taken home and can be discarded at that time.  This should only take 5 minutes.
  • Students who have library books, class novels, textbooks, school issued instruments, or any other school issued items (athletic uniforms, choir outfits, scripts, etc.) must bring those items with them.
    • Library books and class novels can be placed in the bins located in the hallways.
    • Textbooks, school issued instruments, athletic uniforms, fine arts uniforms, etc.  will be collected in the skylight hallway.

NOTE:  In order to maintain social distancing restrictions, students who do not have a locker or anything to turn in do not need to come to the school to check out. 



Yearbooks will be passed out at the same time as when students come to clear out their lockers.

Summer School June 8 – July 2

Summer School will run from June 8 through July 2, Monday through Thursday only.  Specific information regarding summer school will be sent directly to those students who are required to attend.


Several students were issued Chromebooks by Pershing Middle School.  Technology will be needed by those students who must attend summer school.  We will collect technology once summer school ends.  If you know you are not returning to Pershing or your child is not required to attend summer school, you can turn in your Chromebook on your assigned day.

Paper-Based Instruction – DUE WEDNESDAY, May 20

If your child has been working on paper-based instruction, you can take a picture of the completed work and send to your child’s teacher via email.  You can also drop off the paper-based packets in the bin located by the front doors of the school.

Cycle 6 Grades

The last day for students to submit assignments to be counted towards their cycle 6 grades is Monday, May 18th.  Teachers have until Friday, May 22nd to grade all work and enter into GradeSpeed.  Please remember that the Cycle 6 grade will only count towards your child’s overall yearly average IF it improves their overall average.  Otherwise, their final average will include Cycles 1 through 5.  There will be no grades due the final week of school (May 26-June 1).

Grade Level Groups

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for grade level email lists and Facebook groups.  It is a great way to keep up with all that your class is doing this school year!

6th Grade Facebook group join here!

Still haven’t signed up for 6th Grade email list?  Sign up here!

7th Grade Facebook group join here!

Still haven’t signed up for 7th Grade email list?  Sign up here!

8th Grade Facebook group join here!

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