Pershing Family Bingo Feb. 28


When : Friday, February 28, 2020

Time : 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location : Pershing Cafeteria

More information coming soon… 

Please contact with questions.

Lamar High School Enrollment

A Message from Lamar Principal, Ms. Rita Graves, for all students planning on attending Lamar HS next school year:

Students who are zoned to Lamar High School and currently enrolled in an HISD school will not need to complete the enrollment process, but we will ask that they complete course selection.    Lamar High School Academic Deans will host three course selection meetings for incoming zoned 9th graders.  Parents and students only need to attend one of the meetings.  Please bring a copy of your student’s most recent report card.

January 21, 2020 at 6:00 pm – zoned students only
February 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm- all zoned students and students with an approved transfer
April 23, 2020 6:00 pm – all zoned students and students with an approved transfer

Here is a flyer with all of the dates for Enrollment and Course Selection at Lamar.

If you cannot attend one of the meetings above a schedule will be created for the student based on the 8th grade courses.

All meetings will take place in the Lamar Grand Hall, located on the first floor of the building that faces Eastside St.  Parking will be available in the garage, also on Eastside St.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Monica Quintero (

Pershing Basketball

Pershing Boys Home Basketball Game Schedule:

Pandas vs Welch 5:30/6:30, Jan 27th
Pandas vs West Briar 5:30/6:30, Feb 17th

7th Grade Games at 5:30 followed by 8th Grade at 6:30


Pershing Girls Home Basketball Game Schedule:

 Pandas vs Lawson at 5:30/6:30, Jan 22nd
Pandas vs Meyerland 5:30/6:30, Feb 3rd
Pandas vs Lanier 5:30/6:30, Feb 10th

7th Grade Games at 5:30 followed by 8th Grade at 6:30

PTO Calendar

There are so many good things going on at school!  Here is the current PTO calendar.  Some upcoming dates in particular that you should save the date for:

Friday, February  28, Family Bingo Night, 6-8:30PM

Pershing UIL

Spelling 6th Grade
Devika Krup, 2nd
Mira Cohan, 4th
Claire Bradford, 5th

Spelling 7th Grade
Kai Plank, 3rd

Science I and II 6th Grade
Logan Warner, 5th
Juliana Lozes, 6th

Science I and II 7th Grade
Braden Friedman, 3rd

Science I and II 8th Grade
Micah Harris, 6th

Ready Writing 6th Grade
Logan Warner, 4th
Vincent Wollner, 5th

Ready Writing 7th Grade
Mira Cohan, 3rd

Number Sense 6th Grade
Akhil Baker, 2nd

Number Sense 7th Grade
Kevin Yan, 5th

Number Sense 8th Grade
Emerson Chen, 5th

Math 6th Grade
Akhil Baker, 2nd
Kevin Yan, 3rd

Math 7th Grade
Kai Plank, 5th
Micah Harris, 6th

Math 8th Grade
Elizabeth Avila, 5th

Maps, Graphs & Charts 6th Grade
Arteen Moghadeen, 5th

Maps, Graphs & Charts 8th Grade
Elizabeth Avila, 2nd

Listening Skills 6th Grade
Vincent Wollner, 1st
Devika Krup, 3rd

Listening Skills 7th Grade
Juliana Lozes, 3rd
Claire Bradford, 6th

Listening Skills 8th Grade
Mira Cohan, 2nd

Dictionary Skills 6th Grade
Logan Warner, 1st
Juliana Lozes, 4th

Dictionary Skills 7th Grade
Mira Cohan, 2nd
Claire Bradford, 3rd

Dictionary Skills 8th Grade
Elizabeth Avila, 3rd

Calc Apps 6th Grade
Akhil Baker, 2nd
Devika Krup, 4th
Kevin Yan, 6th

Calc Apps 7th Grade
Kai Plank, 1st
Braden Friedman, 4th

Calc Apps 8th Grade
Emerson Chen, 3rd

Chess 7th Grade
Micah Harris, 2nd

Chess 8th Grade
Emerson Chen, 2nd

Imp Speak 7th Grade
Claire Bradford, 1st

Social Studies 8th Grade
Elizabeth Avila, 1st
Claire Bradford, 3rd

Editorial Writing 7th Grade
Katie Havranek, 6th

Modern Oratory 7th Grade
Laura Huang, 2nd

College Admissions Information

Birthday Marquee



Have your child’s name in lights on the Pershing Marquee located on Stella Link.  Birthday wishes will be posted the day before, day of and day after for all to celebrate.

$25 per Birthday Wish

Book your Birthday Wish today!

Form must be received one week in advance. All orders are online only!
Please fill out the the request form by clicking on the link!

School Store

Normal Store Hours:

Monday – Thursday
Morning: 8-8:30 am
Lunch: 11:15am-12:45pm
Morning: 8-8:30 am
Lunch: 11:00am – 12:20pm

Grade level uniform colors are Gray for 6th, Red for 7th and Black for 8th.

Grade Level Groups

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for grade level email lists and Facebook groups.  It is a great way to keep up with all that your class is doing this school year!

6th Grade Facebook group join here!

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7th Grade Facebook group join here!

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8th Grade Facebook group join here!

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